Botw timeline

This game takes place in the Wind Waker timeline. Then there is the controversial "Downfall" timeline, where the events of. I was originally placing BotW in the Child Timeline, after Twilight. What appears in BOTW is NOT the mirror of twilight.

But Medli only appears in the Adult Timeline, so the only time where we have all. Must take place more than 10,000 years before BotW, because this precedes Calamity.

Botw timeline

There have been numerous theories as to where BotW takes place in the official timeline, as well as evidence to debunk pretty much all of them. WW timeline cannot have occurred in BotW. GR: Are you surprised by the reaction that The Legend of.

Press space for the next slide and scroll the timeline at the start. BotW tossing aside the fake timeline they made as fairy tales. Sees thread titled Zelda: BOTW Timeline Discussion 2. Reads OP that talks about where the game might fit into the timeline. As fans of the series will already know, the timeline of The Legend.

Botw timeline

In WW the king is named Daphne, but in BOTW the kings name is Rhoam. Where do you think the timeline placement would be?

Théoricien et analyseur de jeux vidéo sur Youtube. Wie Kotaku schreibt, hat der Reddit-User Psychobeans weitere Hinweise dafür gefunden, dass BOTW in der Adult- Timeline spielt – also in der. All this proves that BotW takes place further in the timeline and not immediately after Ocarina of Time. Also, the downfall timeline is the least likely timeline branch for this. For that matter, could any of technology we see in BOTW be created in. Each timeline placement theory has strong evidence, but also.

The world of BotW also has an emphasis on high points, mountain. My two cents on the LoZ BotW timeline placement (Spoilers for BotW kinda) Even though we know that BotW takes place after OoT, things are still hectic in trying. BoTW Timeline – Officially confirmed by Aonuma Warning: Potential Spoilers. Watch the Videos online and share it with your Friends. Zelda Botw Timeline on AddThis Video.

Lynels only appear in the fallen hero timeline. Hope you enjoyed and let me know your thoughts and were you want. Just like the downfall timeline, it would be a "what if". Alrighty, so, there are many theories about the timeline placement of Breath of the Wild.

This should end all debates as to where this amazing game fits in the timeline.